Imago and the space between

Helen LaKelly Hunt, Harville Hendrix - Vortrag 17.5.2019

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Imago and the space between.
Vortrag von Helen LaKelly Hunt und Harville Hendrix
beim Internationalen Imago-Kongress 2019
18.5.2019 - Wien, Veranstaltungszentrum Europahaus.

Vortragssprache   englisch

Where dos therapy happen and what is the outcome ?
Traditionally the location of therapy has been an exploration of our inner world and the
desired outcome has been freedom from our emotional pain and living in peace with
ourselves and others.
This lecture relocates the therapeutic process in the SPACE-BETWEEN, rather than the
Space-Within and proposes its outcome is the sensation of full aliveness and joy that i
stimulates by the “felt sense” of connecting when this Space-Between is  reliably safe.

Helen LaKelly HuntClinical Psychologist, developer of the Imago-Relationship-Therapy
along with her husband Harville Hendrix, Imago therapist, board member of the
New York Woman Foundation, international speaker and author.

Harville Hendrix
Psychologist, developer otf the Imago-Relationship-Therapy along with his wife
Helen Lakelly Hunt, Imago therapist, international speaker and author.

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