Forgiveness as a sign of (self-) love

Vortrag Claudia Luciak-Dornsberger u. Dr. Mikael Luciak - 19.5.2019

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Vortrag von Claudia Lucia-Dornsberger und Dr. Mikael Luciak
beim Internationalen Imago Kongress 2019, Wien
19.5.2019 - Wien, Veranstaltungszentrum Europahaus

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Emotional injuries and wounds are part of every partnership. Sometimes, however,
they are so severe, that it becomes difficult for us to forgive our partners of ourselves,-
This is when they turn into obstacles to a fullfilling relationshipand start draining our
vitality. Anger, hostility, shame and feeling of guilt makes us withdraw from each other
and loos connections and promote resilience by working on attachment wounds caused
for example by an affair.
The core question in this presentation:  how can we support couples in the challenging
process of regaining trust ? What kind of interventions are needed before the actual
process of forgiving can be startet ? And how can partners forgive without compromissing
their own boundaries, dignity and self-respect ?

Dr, Claudia Luciak-Donsberger
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapeut, trained in Imago therapy and emotion-focussed-therapy
international speaker and presenter of the Intergenerational dialogue workshops

Dr. Mikael Luciak
Psychotherapist and education scientist, trained in Imago therapy and emotion-focussed-therapy,
international speaker and presenter of the Intergenerational dialogue workshop,


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